We document real couples living out their lives together. We made sure from the start to choose people that lived in these conditions as a way of life - not as playtime. These are real 24/7 couples that have been gracious enough to allow us a glimpse into their lives. We want to thank them all!
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Mistress Elizabeth

Elizabeth is an amazing switch. I first met her as a dom, and the next time I saw her as a slave. In this episode she is a brutal Mistress, which she is by nature - starting early by controlling boyfriends in highschool she moved on and started domming real slaves. Her whole history is also included in the members area in an exclusive behind the scenes interview with her

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Goddess Rosalie Allows me to stay

I had gone over to Elizabeth's place to give her a quick interview about her life as a submissive...We were interrupted by a message on MSN for her. Next thing I know, My camera was forced to be turned off and Goddess Rosalie Showed up - after her permission was given, I turned my camera back on...the rest can be seen here!

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Mistress Ursela and her best friend
Ursela and Marcy have become some pretty good friends of mine. Their lust for life as well as their lifestyle have really struck a chord within me. I decided to show them a neat little place I found a while back, essentially an abandoned building that somehow still has electricty. While I don't divulge the location of this awesome little respite from reality.



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